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A&J Dental Laboratory Ltd. - Product List / Time Requirements

Note: In-Lab days: Complete working day in the Lab and do not include weekends, pick-up days or holidays.
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Full Dentures

Days in Lab
A&J Dental - Full Dentures New Jersey

30 years Experience!

Custom tray or bite rims 3 days
All setups for try-in of full or partial dentures 2-4 days
All finish of removable appliances 4-5 days
all TCS or Valplast finishes 4-7 days
Gasket dentures 9 days
Immediate dentures please call
Surgical templates 3 days
Full and partial denture relines and repairs same day service -
in close immediate vicinity of our location (otherwise 1 day)
Same Day / 1 Day
Soft reline *Permasoft or silicone material 2 days
Stayplates *hard acrylic 2- 3 days

Partial Dentures

Cast Chrome Partial 7 days
A&J Dental - Partial Dentures New Jersey
Design Excellence
Cast Chrome Partial w/ clear, tooth, or tissue colored clasp 10 days
Ultra Flex Partials 4-7 days
TCS or Valplast Partials 4-7 days
Combo Cases please call

Additional or Specialty

Soft Mouthguards 3 days
A&J Dental - Soft & Hard Nightguards New Jersey
Hard/Soft/Clear Nightguards
Clear Hard Nightguards 4-5 days
Bleaching Trays 4-5 days

Implant Department

Implant Overdenture please call
A&J Dental - Overdentures and Implant Supported Dentures New Jersey
A&J Dental Lab
Where Tradition Meets Technology
Diagnostic Setups 4 days
Locator, ERA, Zest, OSO Attachments and many more please call
Implant bar retained overdentures please please call
Surgical stents 3-4 days
Ivoclar Radiographic Teeth Stents 5 -6 days
A & J Dental Lab - Uses only trusted and time tested materials for durability, precision and esthetics

Note: Production days are exclusive of pickup days, weekends and holidays.

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